I'm Teejay VanSlyke, a web application design & engineering consultant living in Portland, Oregon. I help business owners reduce cost and increase productivity with custom web applications. I've worked with dozens of startups in my decade-long career.

I run the webform service Formbot which makes it easier for business owners to get feedback from their website visitors.

As a contribution to the Eugene, Oregon technology community, I built the We Are EUG professionals directory to help put faces to our names.

I'm passionate about living a relatively frugal and low-impact lifestyle, which enables me to build my own businesses and live a low-stress life. I like to think that this translates into more value for my clients, because they know they can trust I'm working with their interest in mind. I live debt-free, own only a small, efficient car, and don't care to have a big house. I love to share my thoughts about life and work.

Ever since I was a small child I've loved building things. My grandfather taught me how to program using QuickBASIC when I was just six years old. Two years later I was teaching my classmates. I started my own paper-bag-puppet business when I was in first grade. I guess you could say programming and business are in my blood.