I'm Teejay VanSlyke, a web application design & engineering consultant living in Portland, Oregon. I help business owners reduce cost and increase productivity with custom web applications. I've worked with dozens of startups in my decade-long career.


Ever since I was a small child I've loved building things. My grandfather taught me how to program using QuickBASIC when I was just six years old. Two years later I was teaching my classmates. I started my own paper-bag-puppet business when I was in first grade. I guess you could say programming and business are in my blood.

I run the webform service Formbot which makes it easier for business owners to get feedback from their website visitors.

As a contribution to the Eugene, Oregon technology community, I built the We Are EUG professionals directory to help put faces to our names.

Want me to apply some labels to myself so you can categorize me easily?

I'm an ethical capitalist, which means I think capitalism is amazing and responsible for most of our economic prosperity, but I think it relies on its participants considering the ethical ramifications of their transactions.

I'm a minimalist. I believe that, in spite of the bounty we've produced through our awesome system of economic incentive called capitalism, we have a responsibility to the planet and to our bank accounts to consume less and create more. I'm passionate about living a relatively frugal and low-impact lifestyle, which enables me to build my own businesses and live a low-stress life. I like to think that this translates into more value for my clients, because they know they can trust I'm working with their interest in mind. I live debt-free, own only a small, efficient car, and don't care to have a big house.

Drink your vegetables

I'm a vegan, but not a strict one. Being that I value efficiency, eating meat for calories isn't aligned with that. I also think that, in the event animals are truly sentient and possess consciousness, we're committing mass genocide right now. But I can see things from the perspective that animals might not possess consciousness, and that meat might be nutritious.

Speaking of being open to other viewpoints, I'm also a pragmatist. I love to dissect ideas and opinions in the pursuit of truth. There are two sides to every argument. Even if I vehemently disagree with the opposition, I want to understand what led them to their unique perspective. I want to make the world a better place by fostering mindful understanding.

Oh, and speaking of mindful understanding, I'm a yogi. Yoga, to put it bluntly, has saved my life. It has single-handedly given me the patience and diligence to detach from my thoughts and to achieve a deeper level of harmony with those around me. I am forever grateful to my yoga teachers and community for helping me navigate the rocky waters of my psyche.

More recently, I became a teetotaler. I used to drink and use cannabis reguarly. It's been an ongoing journey not without relapse, but I'm committed to spending my life sober and awakened. Life is just more rich when you're all there for it.

Intergalactic Horse Doodle

I enjoy drawing, but I don't think I'm very good at it. If you want to decide, have a scroll through my Instagram where I post most of what I make.

Back in 2012, I sold most of my belongings and moved into a small motorhome. It taught me about resourcefulness, minimalism, and carpentry. I gave a short talk about my experience at Ignite Portland 11. I still miss living that way, and hope to someday build a tiny house or a stealth conversion van.

Want to know more about me? Get in touch and ask a question!