Frequently asked questions

Below are some questions I get asked regularly about my web development consulting services. For more information about my services, take a look at my Hire Me page.

Can you build my website?

It depends. I'm a web application development consultant. What that means is that I develop applications on the web for my clients. Applications are different from say, a marketing site or a blog, in that they have highly custom features and behavior specific to your business.

If you're building a custom web application, I'm probably a good candidate for your project. But if you want a new marketing site, blog, content site, IT deployment, or another implementation of an off-the-shelf solution, you'll be better suited going elsewhere. I am happy to refer you to someone who can help you though. Get in touch and let me know what you're looking for.

What's your hourly rate?

I don't have one. I stopped billing by the hour because it creates poor incentives for everyone involved. When billing by the hour, I'm incentivized to spend as long as possible on a task, and you're incentivized to reduce cost by questioning every line item and its necessity to your goals.

Instead, I bill weekly. Rather than handing you an invoice that lists all the email I sent, the meetings I had, and the code I wrote, you'll get an invoice that lists the specific value I delivered to your business this week. My weekly rate varies from client to client based on need, and I like to make sure it's an equitable arrangement for both of us.

What technologies do you use?

It's my goal to ensure the application we build is an asset to your business for years into the future. That's why I focus on technologies with a long track record of community support and success in the marketplace.

Right now, my toolbelt consists mainly of the Ruby on Rails web framework and the React UI library. Both of these technologies have been used in production for years, are proven to be maintainable and scalable, and are easy to transfer to new development teams without much onboarding.

Have another question?

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