How I live my life

Everything I own fits in my custom campervan. The van is built atop a Nissan NV200 mini cargo van chassis. Its narrow wheelbase and tight turning radius makes it incredibly versatile in both urban and rural environments. Because of its small size, I never have difficulty finding parking. And, because I get upwards of 28 miles per gallon, I drive it liberally and use it as my car.

I own very few clothes. I've had a big wardrobe, but I found that I didn't wear more than a couple outfits' worth of the clothes. Being that I live in 20 square feet now, I don't have the space for lots of clothes. Every day, I wear the same black shirt, and a pair of shorts or a pair of jeans, depending on the weather. I'm a bit of an occult nerd, so I enjoy wearing weird jewelry and accessorize liberally, since rings and necklaces and hats don't take up that much space.

I'm happiest when I'm unattached. This is true of my dwelling, my relationships, my possessions, and my beliefs. Because of this, I've designed my life around being mobile and agile. I do not have a fixed address, and when I do, I feel stifled. I work very hard to expunge my expectations of other people, because that usually results in my being more grateful toward others. Whenever I feel myself fearing losing any of my material possessions, I recgonize that's a sign I have too much invested in them. When I find myself angry at someone else's perspective, I do my best to let go of whatever strongly-held belief has led me to that anger, and let go of it.

I've learned that my greatest joy comes from the enjoyment of others. This might be direct enjoyment, like having a cup of coffee with a friend, or indirect enjoyment, like listening to a beautiful piece of music. Because of this realization, I make an effort not to get caught up in the perils of status and accumulation, even though I suffer from anxiety about both.