This is a curated list of resources for helping you get your SaaS idea to market faster with rapid prototyping.

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Service Offerings


  • Why Software Projects Fail, my free little book to help you navigate the process of engaging a consultant to build your custom application.

Products I've Made

  • Formbot, a service that sends HTML form submissions to Slack and email.

Technologies I Use

  • React & Redux, the view library and state management library that powers most of my clients' frontends.
  • Ruby on Rails, the versatile web framework that powers most of my clients' backends.

Case Studies

  • PS Dept, the New York personal shopping service to whom I delivered a streamlined, customer-centric ecommerce system to enable personal shoppers to process more sales in less time.
  • Hype Social, the social media services company for whom I developed automation platforms to eliminate manual repetitive tasks and increase customer audience engagement.

Useful Links

  • What is a Digital Product?, where Roman Pichler explains how he thinks about products.
  • Pretotyping, the act of simulating the experience of using a new product with the smallest possible investment.
  • UI Breakfast, where Jane Portman helps you design a profitable web application.
  • Double Your Audience, where Kai Davis helps you promote your new application.