Send visitor HTML form data to Slack with Formbot

Formbot sends visitor HTML form data to Slack

You're using a static site generator like Middleman or Jekyll. These tools are fantastic for building blogs and marketing sites. But every so often you need to collect some data from your visitors in a form.

There are plenty of form tools on the web (Wufoo comes to mind). But most of them are bloated and made for less technically minded people. All you want is to embed a form in your site and be notified when your visitors fill it out without having to set up a server application.

Almost every time I've built a marketing site for a new product I run into this situation. So this week, I built a little tool called Formbot that's here to help!

Formbot sends the contents of your HTML form fields to any of your Slack channels. Create a custom HTML form with any number of fields, set its action attribute to your Formbot URL, and it'll do the rest.

Want to add a Slack-enabled form to your site? Install Formbot

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