Cortland Youth Center

Cortland Youth Center
  • Tance (in the Jungle)
  • Chemicals (Hydrochloric Mix)
  • Laying it Down in Mexico
  • Peter Pan
  • Kill the Piano Man
  • House Party (You're All Invited)
  • Rambling in Three Fourths Time
  • Crack Stock Ready
  • The Apex
  • Sailboats (Feat. Fundingo of Shithed)

Recorded at a youth community center in a town next to the one where I grew up, this was my first foray into live electronic music.

I recorded the set on a dual cassette deck that I purchased for making DJ set recordings from my Ableton Live performances.

My friends started a musical project called Shithed, and their vocalist made an impromptu guest appearance on "Sailboats".

There were only a few people at the show, which was quite disappointing as a budding young performer. But it was a positive learning experience for how to put on a live electronic show, especially at a time when laptop performances were a new idea.