Back to work

Alleyway in Montréal

I've returned to my client work as of yesterday, so I'm sure my updates will probably slow in the coming weeks as I focus more on that.

One highlight from yesterday is that I successfully ordered a sandwich in French without the clerk noticing I wasn't fluent (or maybe he did, but he didn't switch to English, so, cool!).

I also had an incredible experience last night when I got off the métro and wanted a cold drink. In most American cities, that would usually mean walking half a mile in some direction and finding a convenience store or gas station, since we decided grocery stores should only be built for cars. But as soon as I got off the métro, there was a small supermarket directly on my way home. I walked in, grabbed a few things, and walked back to the flat.

I'm currently prospecting staying in Montréal another month, to return to the States around Halloween. It would cost a pretty penny to stay another month, but I'm already here and enjoying myself, so it seems like it would be worth it.

Okay, back to work. Enjoy the day, wherever you may be, dear reader!