As the leaves turn

Montréal Autumn Leaves

One of the things I miss dearly from up north is the changing colors of the autumn leaves. Out in the Pacific Northwest, we'd get a bit of a colorful autumn, but nothing compares to the brilliance of the autumn colors in the northeast.

I noticed, while sipping my morning coffee at the cafe I've been frequenting, that the leaves had begun their slow transformation from green to amber. So often I'm so absorbed in whatever it is I'm doing that I hardly notice the leaves change—and I realized this morning that it would do me some good to slow down.

It's a bright, sunny, crisp day here in Montréal, and I'm so grateful I was blessed with the ability to take this sojourn. Travel, for me, is as much about seeing new frontiers as it is about rekindling an appreciation of the place from which you came. I'm so excited to reconnect with my friends back in St Pete (if you're reading this, hi! I love you!). And I'm very excited to make a glorious drive back home just as the weather here is turning frigid.

Speaking of which, I decided over the weekend to extend my stay, so I'll be departing Montréal the day before Halloween, October 30. Despite it costing a pretty penny to book another place for October, I figured it would be worth it to stay, since I'm already here.

On Monday I stumbled upon an anglophone open mic comedy night at a bar on St Laurent. It was such a relief to be in an English-dominant space and to have people to talk to. I'll definitely be returning next week!

Hope you all have a beautiful week, wherever you may be.