Farewell, Formbot

It's with a simultaneous heavy heart and elated relief that I break some news: I've officially shut down my HTML-forms-to-email-and-Slack service, Formbot.

I started Formbot way back in 2015, during a period of my life when I really wanted to create some sustainable startup businesses. I was living in Seattle, immersed in the tech scene, and the idea that I could make some supplemental income from a small web application was interesting to me.

Fast forward to 2023, however, and the service has proven more trouble than it's worth. I still had two paying customers (thank you both so much for your patronage!), but that barely covered my server expenses. Many of the forms powered by Formbot fell victim to constant spamming, and my email inbox was full of spam messages sent from my website's contact form.

There are clearly better solutions out there to accomplish what Formbot set out to do, and my heart and soul is just not in technology the way it once was. So, I decided to pull the plug on Formbot at the beginning of the year.

Here's to a great seven years of service!