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I've been making original music since I was fifteen years old. Back then, the only way I knew to get my hands on electronic music was to make it myself. There weren't streaming services; heck, there was barely even Napster. I originally began producing electronic music because I wanted something to listen to as I went to sleep when I was a teenager.

Since then, I've continued to produce music with a cathartic, hot-cold cadence. Some years I've made absolutely nothing, and others, I've released several albums.

My best work, by far, is Elias Moniker: The A.K.A.. This was at the height of my commitment to producing electronic music, when I built out a studio in a rented garage and spent the better part of a year locked away inside. The album combines elements of turntablism, dubstep, big beat, and hip-hop to create a cohesive listening experience from start to finish.

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